Miriam M Hughes

Artist Statement

Color, pattern, stories and emotion all contribute to my love of creating art. While I am proficient in several mediums, I find myself creating and showing work in mediums and styles that excite me with unexpected results. I crave to tell stories through my art rather than representing a picture.

Creating canine portraits in pastel is what brought me back to art, but I have discovered the passion in trying new mediums that promise unexpected results. I am more exposed as an artist when using new mediums which force me to keep learning. Returning to old mediums with the new knowledge adds excitement and new energy in creating art. And it keeps me humble!

Formerly a medical illustrator, I started painting small watercolors for myself telling the stories about growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Not precise and detailed like my illustrations, I found humor and excitement in the growing up an Irish Catholic/Greek in a multicultural, active and dramatic neighborhood.

Watercolor gouache resist, and my series “Conversations Overheard”, are done in a seven step process, grew from the life stories series I am currently creating. These conversations are mostly other peoples’, overheard while quietly enjoying sketching in coffee shops throughout the United States. I would notice the coffee, items on the table, cups used, but rarely looked at the people. The conversations cemented the details of their coffee paraphernalia in my brain.

My work occasionally seems childlike and primitive but the adult artist comes back to reign me in. I let the younger artist run free often and have fun; learn new techniques and styles: and be playful with creating art. The more I play and experiment, the more I see myself growing into the sort of artist I want to be for the rest of my life. Serious about learning, but not as serious about life. Serious about the process of creating and teaching art and joyfully accepting of the results.

I am an artist, fairly prolific "sketcher" and a generally good humored person and invite you to join me on my journey.