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A set of ten wild animals created in a colorful graphic watercolor gouache resist technique
watercolor goache resist
4.50" x 6.50"
Comical dog in frame
watercolor gouache resist

What is a Watercolor Gouache Resist Painting?
Using watercolor, white or pale yellow gouache paint and black India ink your original drawing goes through eight to nine steps full of surprises each step of the way.
1. Create drawing
a. Keep it simple and graphic
2. Paint image with watercolor – let dry completely.
a. All areas you want color paint with watercolor, areas where you want black leave open
3. Cover all areas where you want the water color to remain with opaque white gouache paint – let dry completely!
4. Cover entire painting with black ink. This is the scary part.
5. Let dry completely! We have a blow dryer.
6. Wash off the ink and gouache layers. I sometimes use a toothbrush or nail brush very lightly. This is the surprise or “uh oh” step!
7. Think about what to do next, especially if there are a lot of surprises!
8. Touch up watercolor areas – sometimes there is a lot of repainting.
9. Bonus Step -Add embellishments and details.